Products and Services

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Bolts Linkage Components Screws Special Fasteners
Hex Head Caps & Systems Tapping Screws Military Fasteners
Carriage Bolts Ball Joints Taptittes (Thread Rolling) Metric Fasteners
Hex Flange Bolts Yoke and Clevis Ends Plastites Stainless Steel Fasteners
Eye Bolts Spherical Rod End Bearings Hi-Lo Brass Fasteners
U-Bolts Connecting Linkage Thread Cutting Screws Silicon Bronze Fasteners
Hex Lag Bolts Shift Levers U-Drive Screws Retaining Rings
Stove Bolts Weldments, Flatwork, &  Self Drilling Screws Yoke Ends
Square Head Bolts        Assemblies Sems Cable Ties
Drilled Cap Screws Pipe & Tubing Fabrications Dry Wall Screws Turnbuckles
Threaded Rod Wire Forms & Rod Fabrications Tek Screws Hose Clamps
Studs Sprockets Machine Screws Rivets
Anchor Bolts Chains Wood Screws Spacers & Standoffs
Plow Bolts Off-Shore Specialties Floorboard Screws Panel Fasteners
Elevator Bolts Injection Molded Items Castings Services Available
Structural Bolts Tooling Investment Inventory Management Programs
Socket Products Castings Aluminum Program Set-Up & Maintenance
Cap Screws Screw Machine Zinc Stocking Programs
Set Screws Cold Headed Fasteners Sand Kitting and Assembly Work
Shoulder Bolts Kitting Material Handling  Deliveries
Socket Head Cap Screws MRO Schaefer Systems First Piece Inspection Process
Flat Socket Cap Janitorial Bins Keys
Button Socket Cap Personal Protective Equipment Shelving Hex Keys
Low Head Socket Cap Packaging Racks Woodruff Keys
Socket Shoulder Cap Screws Hand Tools Transport Containers- Returnables Square Keys
Pipe Plugs Cutting Tools Returnable Pallets Stud Welding
Pins Aerosols  Piping Products Arc & Capacitor Discharge             
Cotter Pins Adhesives & Sealants Stainless Steel           Weld Studs
Dowel Pins Drill Bits Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings Collar Studs
Spirol Pins Springs Forged Steel Fittings Tapped Weld Studs
Roll Pins Extension Cast Iron Threaded Fittings Shear Connector “Nelson” 
Coiled Pins Compression Brass Fittings – Flanges,             Studs
Groove Pins Torsion         Nipples, and Pipe Headed Concrete Anchors
Taper Pins Wire Formed Valves Refractory Anchors
Clevis Pins Four Slide Cast Iron Flanged Fittings &  Insulation Weld Pins & Self 
Coiled Spring Pins Trade Names         Flanges             Lockwashers
Nuts 3M                           Southco     Merchant Steel Couplings &  Cuphead Insulation Pins
Finished Hex Nuts AVK                        Stafast          Fittings Tapped Cable Hangers
Insert Nuts Camcar                    Stimpson Nipples Stud Weld Wire Tie 
Square nuts Captive                    Sps/Unbrako Gauges             Assemblies
Wing Nuts Cherry-Avdel           Flexloc Quality Assurance Specialty Application Weld 
Palnuts Heyco                      KMC In-House Quality Department              Stud w/ Print
Tee Nuts ITW                          Microplastics Inspection of Each Shipment Arc & Capacitor Discharge
Hex Jam Nuts Panduit                    Alliance Documented Quality System              Systems
Hex Flange Nuts Pem                         Thomas-Betts Certification –Heat Treated Items Accessories
Lock Nuts Seastrom                Spirol Certification on File for Seven Years Stud Welding Equipment 
Acorn Nuts Washers              Service & Repairs
Keps Nuts Flat Washers
Weld Nuts Split Lockwashers
Clinch Nuts Belleville Washers
Structural Nuts Fender Washers
Tooth Lockwashers
Teflon Washers
Graphite Washers

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