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Weld Pins

Standard CD

Insulation Hangers

Cuphead Pin

Speed clip is beveled to prevent cutting of insulation material. Stainless steel - not standard, but available upon request.Paper speed clips available for welding through foil faced insulation.

Self-Locking Washers

Speed clips for use with weld pins, insulation and lacing anchors. Multi-lanced hole design provides superior self-locking feature. All standard hole sizes available. Speed clips meet GSA, military specifications and other federal specifications. All self-locking speed clips are made from tempered carbon steel and plated under closely controlled conditions for maximum corrosion resistance. Special hole sizes and materials availiable upon request.

Self-Stick Insulation Hangers

Spindle Insulation Hangers

Insulation Lacing Anchors

Lacing Anchors